Tuesday, 29 November 2011

omg john campbell

So, this weekend I had a Stats assignment, a Data Analysis assignment, an Econometrics term paper, and then I worked every day from Friday to Monday and made some pretty poor decisions like wandering around downtown at 1 in the morning, decisions I would not change for the world of course <3.

Anyways, I got my shirt from john campbell, who is basically my internet hero.

It came with a cute little drawing:

And he also personalized the shipping envelope for me:

I am probably most happy about the envelope, I think that makes me a freak.

But anyways, this was a limited 100-shirt run, so I am among 100 lucky people!

Hopefully my luck will extend to academics, but either way I have enough of an average as not to care a lot? I think that makes me an underachiever.

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