Saturday, 19 November 2011

This Is Going To Be The Prettiest Amnesia Ever!

So I went and bought Amnesia: The Dark Ascent. If you've never heard of it, watch their unedited gameplay video.

I bought this after hearing about how scary it was, etc etc, so I turned off the lights and loaded the game from my windowless basement room (which happens to be next to the furnace) and began to play.

After 30 seconds I had to turn on the lights. =\

I played it with headphones at night, and maybe it is the ambiance but this game manages to combine gameplay mechanics and sounds to make it absolutely unnerving.

This game is terrifying, and I have only seen an "enemy" once. And that was just a silhouette on the other end of a hallway, which prompted me to cower like a small child until it went away.

Possibly I am just a sissy. But I am enjoying this game in the most horrifying of ways. D=


  1. i actually wrote a long ass rant on youtube or something about how bad this game looked. This was a judgement purely on the trailer which had people orgasming words of praise into their keyboards. The truth is, the trailer was just too fucking dark to see anything. Seriously, how is seeing just a black rectangle supposed to be scary? and the ambient sound? a girl's voice in the distance. girls aren't scary no matter how near or far they are.

    also the whole camera shaking violently thing (i did get to see about 10 seconds to gameplay when the player took out a lamp) just make me sea sick. and what is the deal with the lamp being bad? "hey, use your lamp so you don't have to stumble around in the dark looking for that girl like a blind John Wayne Gacy NO WAIT TURN OUT YOUR LAMP DON'T LOOK AT ANYTHING."

    i call this the "call of c'thulu method for pansies." this is when you play an entire game of call of c'thulu by having your character plug his ears, close his eyes, and crawl around on the floor. its fucking boring, but you never go insane.

    all said and done, amneisa looks like a shaky, overly dark shitpile of boring "are you afraid of the dark" quality sound effects. maybe the gameplay just doesn't do it justice or something.

  2. You should play the game. It's only $20.

    That's all I'll say. =3

    Well, no, that's not all I'll say. Watching a trailer is just absolutely meaningless, in the same way that watching a video of someone else play it is basically pointless. The whole reason you are interested in a game is to play it, to be the main character.

    Half the game is just the Weird Puzzle Shit of going around the castle and trying to find key items to get around to other rooms (keys, chemicals, whatever), and the horror of the game comes when you're committed to these little quests but understand that you have to go somewhere that looks particularly unsettling (like someplace called the "Laboratory", that you just know is going to do something nasty). And the trailer unfortunately focusing on the tackier sort of sound effects -- the most beautiful examples are the simple things, like when you're standing in a basement and hear the sound of footsteps, or just the sound of the wind blowing, or even just the music which is particularly cruel to you.

    re lamp: If you see one of "the enemies", you have to turn out your lamp so he doesn't see you/come kill you. The knee-jerk reflex becomes, "I'm going somewhere new behind this door I'm going to turn off the lamp in case there is an enemy right there", which obviously basically never is the case. But you might think it is, which might make you play more awful than you otherwise would. Also, "lamp oil" is a finite resource that you have to collect throughout the castle and use sparingly unless you want to be permanently in "darkness".

    I say "darkness" because even if you lose your light, you can wait a few seconds and see the general details of the room still. It's hardly ideal, but you can manage--under the condition that if you keep yourself in pure darkness for too long a period of time, you end up losing "sanity" and your character freaks out over everything.

    And all that said, half the fun of the game is just trying to uncover what exactly is going on -- you know, the "Amnesia" part of the title. Why is this castle so messed up, what is its deal, etc. Really, the best way to look at it is a mystery game filled with horror elements.

    But again. My words won't convince you any more than the videos will. All I can suggest is that you play it, but if you've convinced yourself that you won't enjoy it, then maybe you won't.

  3. I'd just like to add that the most fun I've had in this game so far was skyping/screen-sharing with someone while trying to figure out how to get up a broken staircase.

    It's the Weird Puzzle Shit. It really is. =P

  4. well you should have written the trailer because that actually sounds interesting. i think amnesia trying to market its self as the spookiest of all spookies is just a terrible idea. the way you describe it, it sound more like phantasmagoria which is an old classic.

    that being said, i don't have the 20 bucks anyway lol.