Saturday, 5 November 2011

Vampires, Vampires, Vampires!

Going to break the mold today because apparently I have a whole bunch of Vampire Diaries screenshots still on my computer, and they need to go somewhere.

Probably going to be doing a Tuesday/Friday/Saturday type posting schedule? Well, more like a Monday-or-Tuesday, Thursday-or-Friday, Saturday-or-Sunday and-Wednesday-can-go-fuck-itself schedule.

So anyways, if it's not apparent by the name "Raven Zomg", I watch the Vampire Diaries. I read/watched Twilight, so I can make a comparison from an informed position. And needless to say, even if you think Twilight is stupid (it is), this TV series is a LOT more interesting, albeit a teen drama/action thing. For those of you who don't know it, it's basically a Teenage Soap Opera. With vampires. And werewolves. And ghosts. And lots of violence. And--

Well, yeah. Let's just say it's "Urban Fantasy Soap Opera". With gratuituous amounts of violence, and a main character-plot that actually isn't the romance.

And I mean, I'm totally into it. I read the books from the early 90s, and the adaptation manages to be slightly faithful while adding interesting new twists.

At first I was particularly angry at the series for starting out like the books seemed to -- a romance between a vampire and a girl. But as of the 2nd/3rd book and 2nd/3rd season, despite being told from the perspective of Elena, the teenage girl who has to choose between two sexy vampire brothers (Damon and Stefan Salvatore), it was never about her. It was never about her relationship with Stefan (the "good" one) or Damon (the "bad" one). It was always about the brothers. Bros before Hoes.

They fell out back in Renaissance Italy 400 years ago The Civil-War era USA because of a girl, and the books were always about the subtleties of their relationship with each other (if we ignore that stupid 4th one. Blaaaagh, why can't authors make vampire trilogies with only THREE books????), and Elena/Katherine were just secondary characters.

Also, there's something slightly unsettling about making her the main focus and then showing that she "sticks through with it" knowing that they are literal blood-thirsty murderers, as well as being prone to unpredictable violence. And basically, as the teenage girl watching this, you're supposed to learn from this that you should "be there for him to help 'him' get better". And... agh. I mean, we were fine with this when it was cheap 90s vampire literature and really nobody was reading it. But now it's a TV series on major TV channels.

But hey, whatever. There is far worse crap on the network anyways. And this is certainly far better than Twilight at least, because when Stefan leaves her, she actually takes action and tries to salvage the situation instead of curling up in a ball and doing literally fucking nothing FOR THREE STRAIGHT MONTHS. So at the very least, we can say that Elena is an active character. She is secondary in the grand scheme of things, but that's alright because she actually manages to take control her life and decide what she wants, even if it happens to be a monster who burns in the sunlight.

Oh yeah, Vampires? Burn in the sunlight if unprotected by magic. Can't enter a house uninvited. Stakeable. You know, ACTUAL VAMPIRES.

AND BUT SO Season 3 heralds the first step towards the bromance (can I say that if they are actual biological brothers?), and the theme is generally rising up. Violence persists, the plot thickens, and Stefan actually makes a gesture that says outright: I love my brother more than the girl I am apparently madly in love with.


Anyways. The reasons are many to watch this. It's a whole different ballpark, and I'll just leave it at that.

I currently have just over 5300 words, which means I need to write another 4700 by tomorrow night. Aaaa D=


  1. i've only heard of this show from 19 year old freshman in my gen ed classes (further supporting my theory of you being feminine). It always seemed interesting in the sense of "if i watch this i might get laid by knowing facts about it." The story about the brothers sounds interesting; that kind of story always interests me. four brothers is one of my all-time favorite movies (its not actually that great of a movie, its just got all the things i like in a plot).

    i have a feeling people feel the same way about these vampire porn stories; they know they aren't reading shakespeare, but they like it anyway.

    also this blog is still about winter camping. i'm thinking about hiking to about 8k feet and spending a night on a peak. never tried it in the winter before

  2. I have never really been winter camping to be honest. I just like sitting out in the snow at night and stargazing. So uuuuh, I have failed this blog =[

  3. well sitting in the snow at night counts i suppose. winter camping can be pretty awesome. i especially like it when its sub-zero because you won't see any annoying people in your camp ground

  4. how DARE humans get in on your bonding with nature

  5. I've been disillusioned to the truly horrible nature that is anything vampires since the Twilight movies.

    Go back to writing your book :(

  6. xD Yeah, once I finish these awful awful assignments. And drawing non-sense. >.>

  7. "major TV channel" I beg to differ. I wish it was still UPN and I could watch black sitcoms. Now it's all teenage drama.

  8. Hey Raven, why don't you do this for something like Breaking Bad?