Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A Twenty-One Month Update

Good afternoon readers!

So I haven't used this blog for much, largely because I haven't done anything terribly productive in 21 months. I use tumblr, but I feel like that's not the same blogging platform that this is, or really a blogging platform at all so much as a feed of curated... stuff.

At some point I scrapped a bunch of nonsense posts here because I wanted to try to make this more focused, and the result has been a blog that doesn't update from a person who doesn't create much. Well, I ought to figure out both of those I suppose.

I should clarify my first statement: I haven't done anything terribly productive in 4 months, roughly, whereas I haven't finished anything in 21 (or a little more I suppose). Perhaps one feeds the other. I've got almost a dozen story leads all in the same vague universe as my short story, and about as many story stubs. A few I've come to dislike, and a few still interest me. All told, there's one... well, it's basically a short story now that needs a second story to clarify it, or else a better ending. Either way it needs to be typed up because I've done roughs in pen for a while now.

Anywho, the bottom line is that whether there's no readers or 3 readers, doing little write ups helps me get a sense of order in my creative life. To that end, I think I'm going to use this blog a bit more to help track myself. How much more? Well, we'll see I guess. I aim to be less of a scrub by summer's end, which gives me a little under 2 months. No, no, that's not specific enough--57 days. Here's my todo list:

1) Get a job. I quit my overnight job to look for a better job but didn't really end up doing much with it, and my savings are getting a little scarce. I don't have too many expenses but I do like having electricity and water and food and other such things, so having an income is moderately important/useful.

2) Edit that story into something workable. The working title was "The Soul Trade", but that's more of a name for an anthology, which perhaps this story would feature into. The previous idea was to have a story told with a relay of narrators, but perhaps I can loosen that up to just a shared city. Well, one step at a time. Speaking of:

3) Finish that Twine Story. I toyed with Twine and found it pretty entertaining and intuitive. I was going to work out a little game around exploring a city in my universe. Scale is important here, which is to say that I need to focus on LITTLE. A small prototype, and maybe something bigger after that. The premise would be solving a mystery at a fair, or maybe just becoming a magician at a fair. Or maybe both???? (start small!)

4) Post some Blogs on this here blog. Once a week lets call it. 57 days gives us... just over 8 posts. This doesn't count, that's stupid. This is a weak structure to frame some creative progress, but I need structure of course.

5) Finish Darkest Dungeon at least once. This isn't quite a creative goal, but I'm digging it and it does spark creative interest in me. It certainly skews it to a dark melodramatic place, but a bit of that cannot hurt.

Well, that looks good. I want to do all 5, but all that really matters is number 1, number 4, and either 2 or 3 (both would be nice but I will probably mess that up), and I will end up doing 5 no matter what. I only put it on the list because 5 is a nice number. I worry about "ripping off" numerology from other fictions, but then I tell myself that's trash because, I mean, it's fucking numbers. Still. Ideas are hard to dispel. 

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