Saturday, 27 August 2016

Well that didn't take long, did it?

So, one postless month later. Wash of a month really.

Pokemon Go is more or less over for me. My main trouble was not having enough friends sufficiently into it. Also the Wireless Data thing, but mostly the first as it turns out.

So after 27 days I managed an assortment of pokemon, level 20, and 10 magnificent coins from that one time I held a gym. I caught 54 pokemon, and saw 56, so, we're a little over a third of the way there. Anyways, it was fun for a while but I can't be asked to keep at it. The experiment proves it's more or less possible to play without Wireless Data but ehhh, you can only grind so many pidgeys and ratattas before you stop caring about the hypothetical wondrous new pokemon you might find. Sorry, that's a rather presumptuous you there.

Regarding the 5-point plan:
1) Get a job - nope! Haven't tried very hard until 3 days ago though. Applications out, we'll see what comes of them. There's lots of adverts for grocery store jobs so I figure I do have a fallback plan. An alternative plan is to trash my Economics degree and try something else. Comp Sci seems exciting, although I'm hearing mixed reports on whether or not a degree is worth it instead of a focused programming course/camp thing. Luckily I've 'til October 15th to worry that over.
Score: 2/10

2) Edit that Story - well, I've sorted through old papers. I have way too many storylets and alternate versions of stories. And it's all paper so there's a bunch of paper about now. Short answer: not really.
Score: 2/10

3) Finish that Twine - I discovered a version that is about as far as I could have hoped for. It's got an introduction sequence and a few basic explanations and a stupid subplot with a box that still makes me smile. I edited it a bit. Finish? What the heck was I thinking when I wrote that? Well, I guess I can cut the scope a bit. Make it shorter, sillier, etc etc!
Score: 3/10

4) Post some blogs - well. Hmm. Could've not posted. At all.
Score: 2/8

5) Finish Darkest Dungeon - ooo, finally a good one. I've only got 2 Darkest Dungeon missions, although I need to level up a few more scrubs because of that "no character will do more more than 1 DD mission" rule. Bleh! When I wrote this I didn't include New Game+ obvs.
Score: 8/10

Overall Score: 3/10. Garbage! Well, I've still got a few weeks to sort this out.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Pokemon Go Without Data

So I've hopped on the Pokemon Go train, but my phone is incapable of accessing mobile data. I took it in and they don't know why it can't, suggesting it's just a glitch. Not wanting to be left out, I decided to try playing this using WiFi, which seemed like an interesting challenge. 

A reasonable number of pokemon just sort of wander into the yard, although mostly ratattas, pidgeys, and weedles. Fortunately I like the latter two pokemon, although I haven't much use for quite this many. The most pressing issue is pokeballs, because while levelling up gives you a bunch, levels become further apart as you go. People complain about the cap on items but I've never come close to hitting it. I usually have between 10 and 30 pokeballs and a bunch of revives and potions that don't mean much to me.

The solution to getting Pokestops and new geographical poke-locations ends up being pretty inane. Coffee shops, shopping malls, and libraries offer WiFi and are usually on or near Pokestops (as well as air-conditioned). The downtown is full of all three things, although as a suburbanite that means needing an excuse to be down there. So it's mostly the local library, coffee shop, and occasionally the mall. Ironically the closer Pokestops in parks are useless to me, but it doesn't affect things too drastically.

After 3 days I'd managed to swing this exciting team:

It's also pretty difficult to hatch eggs without disconnecting WiFi

Certainly not the 1000+ CP lists I've seen around, but I'm not in this to be the (very) best (like no one ever was). I understand that I simply cannot compete on that level, and life's a lot simpler when you can accept that. I'm more interested in the catch-them-all part of the game, and even THAT'S not going to happen, so it's more like... I'm going to catch a bunch of them? Have some nice birds and bugs? After 9 days I've managed level 10 and I have this... gang?

Still mostly unexciting, but slightly... better? I guess?

So not impossible, but not very effective either. But hey, it's a bit of entertainment and if this game doesn't last very long I'm glad I'm (mostly) in on the scene. If you live somewhere rural, I don't really have an answer. Just be the best Bird Keeper you can I suppose.