Thursday, 6 September 2012

Postcard #1 From Nowhere

So I am kinda a fan of Kickstarter and the idea behind it, which if you're living under a rock is basically that you can raise funds in advance for some creative endeavour, and the funds are only taken if the goal is reached and/or surpassed. The only thing still going that I'm backing is this homestuck game, which has (obviously) already raised its $700 000 minimum within 2 days. But other things I've backed included various other games, some books, a CD, some videos, and ignoring the bizarre Goodwill Penny Arcade campaign to remove advertisements, perhaps the simplest project I've donated to was a photography project.

The basic setup for it was that two friends were going on a trip around the USA, and they'd take pictures in each state and make postcards out of them and mail them to strangers. It was $3 a postcard to Canada, so I figured I'd splurge $6 for two of them, and the first has come in.

This is apparently from Pennsylvania, which is nothing like I remember Pennsylvania from all the car trips through there. It makes me really want to go there now, because this looks pretty amazing.