Sunday, 18 September 2016

It's Almost Fall and I Completed a Thing


So according to timestamps I completed Darkest Dungeon on August 31st, a little after that last blog post. I've spent the last few weeks being rather unproductive, but what else is new?

5) Complete Darkest Dungeon - 10/10

Still not including NG+ or 100%ing it or anything.

There's a bit of a trend here -- dogs, clerics, and jesters. I did get every class to max level, but obviously the Vestal with a trinket-based 45% bonus to healing helps out. The Occultist is just a bit too random for me; those 40+ HP crit heals aren't quite enough to balance out those 0-2 HP ones. For reference, the adjectives were used to keep track of teams early on, but as people started dying they got mingled up  a bit. And only two deaths in the final four missions!

I won't spoil the game too much but those deaths were absolute crap. Anyways, play this game! It's great! Occasionally frustrating.

4) Post Some Blogs - 3/8

Hmm. Well, posting 5 times in the next 4 days would be stupid so this is a write-off. Still, I'll try for at least one more. I've been meaning to make this post for a while but I kept thinking, "oh, I'll have to edit those screenshots" and then that took about... 5 minutes maybe. And I could've been quicker if I didn't keep forgetting what layer I was copying from. 

3) Finish That Twine - 5/10

I haven't worked on this in a bit, but I did get a randomized shop mostly working out as well as an updating inventory system. You still can't actually leave, but theoretically I made the shop/starting place pretty copy-pastable in terms of function, so I just need to actually, ah... write the flavour bits.

2) Edit That Story - 2/10

I keep forgetting about that thing, except when I am nowhere near home. Or doing something else. 

1) Get A Job - 7/10 

This is a good one too. I've got a typing test to prove that I can type speedily/accurately this week, so if that works out I'll have some sort of data entry type job, which sounds like a pretty good beachhead to future office work. Still have to get officially interviewed and what not, but hey, one step at a time!


So I've done better than I expected, although worse than I hoped. I blame that on getting into a 20+ hour youtube series mostly, although that's a bit of a cop-out because fundamentally that is just avoiding blaming me. Fall's on Thursday, so I'll post something before and/or then. We'll see!